Inventorship is a fuzzy concept

It is a tricky thing to define what inventorship means. Inventorship is usually associated with people that have made remarkable “discoveries” – the inventor(s) of internet, the inventor(s) of wheel and so on. Even inventors themselves struggle with understanding their role or title. So what’s the most constructive way to see inventorship?

Every person has the capability to invent stuff. Some people are just more inventive than others. Inventing is such a pleasure that it can be a lifestyle to constantly wonder, elaborate, research, discuss, investigate and imagine in order to create brainchildren of your own. I don’t like the way of thinking that some rare people are inventors and others are not. Inventorship should be defined in a fuzzy way, as something that any person can foster.

At the end of the day inventing is always an intellectual jump into the unknown. That must be the reason why Gyro Gearloose is for Finns “Pelle Peloton”, i.e. “Pelle the Fearless”.

Nisse Suutarinen

Never underestimate a device that measures something

Years ago when I was reading lecture notes on linear algebra I found in the margin:

  • “Never underestimate a theorem that counts something.”

In the context of learning about the structure of abstract entities such as vector spaces, this piece of wisdom seemed pretty striking. It can be understood so that the extensive mathematical number crunching and modeling machinery can always be put into action if you find a way to measure things – even if your interest lies in pure logical world.

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In the future we are all going to be teachers and trainers

Due to the rise of social media ordinary people have become citizen journalists. Nowadays we publish and act as independent commentators of politicians; professional journalists used to have a privilege to that in the past. It is intriguing to wonder which profession is the next one to go mainstream.


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International networking – only for the brave ones

Aki Salmi from Ambientia is a coder with extensive international networks. Nowadays he is able to introduce people to each other, ask for expert help any time when he needs it and pass ideas back and forth. Suprising or not, usually the idea comes back in a drastically refined form. I asked Aki what’s the best thing about international networks:

  • “New friends”, he immediately replied.


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Distributing risk – investing in stocks vs work

The mantra “risk needs to be distributed” related to any kind of investing needs some re-thinking. Regarding stock markets or other purely financial assets, it is only a matter of deciding if you are into high or low risk. Risk appetite is only a parameter – why are you investing at all if you are not willing to take any risk?

Will work for equity

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Keksintöjen metamorfoosista

Olen jonkun aikaa pitänyt 4 patenttihakemustani pöytälaatikossa. Kyseiset hakemukset ovat olleet patentointiprosesseissa tuloksena se, että yksi niistä olisi voinut mennä läpi, mutta ajatus oli kehittynyt siinä määrin vikkelästi, että haettu suoja menetti merkityksensä. Patenttijärjestelmän taustalla oleva kaunis ajatus on vaihtokauppa keksijän ja yhteiskunnan välillä – kun patentti on julkaistu niin muut voivat kehittää uusia ratkaisuja sen päälle. Tässä kirjoituksessa julkaisen kyseiset 4 patenttihakemusta.

Swallowtail metamorphosis

Swallowtail metamorphosis

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